From the Illinois Library Assocation’s 2012 Annual Conference, Peoria, October 9:

Fantastic (and Free!) Cataloging Tools, presented by Erica Laughlin, RSA Cataloging and Database Administrator, Resource Sharing Alliance NFP:


A wealth of useful resources here, including DDC tools, converters and calculators, RDA resources, many more.

Wait a Minute, How Many Months?: Getting Ready Now that RDA Is Almost Here:

Wait a Minute, How Many Months 2012-10-17 (PPT)

Wait a Minute, How Many Months 2012-10-17 (PDF)

Some RDA Training Resources 2012-10-11

I have saved my presentation as both PPT so you can see the notes, and PDF in case you have trouble viewing the PPT.

Both Erica and I added a little extra information based on the discussion at our presentations.


Those who signed up in advance were notified via email today that the free open-access period for RDA has officially begun.

From the email:

“Bookmark the informational website where you can access webinar archives, an RDA training calendar, presenter/trainer materials, pricing in the major currencies, and more.

“If you need to process a subscription before the electronic order form and payment gateway go live in the next few weeks, please contact us via the RDA Toolkit Support Center at so we can process your order. You will not pay for any part of your subscription that falls within the open-access period; we will extend all subscriptions through at least August 31, 2011.

“And if you’re attending ALA Annual Conference in Washington, D.C., visit us in the exhibits at booth #2605 for a demo, to chat with ALA Digital Reference Publisher Troy Linker and other staff, and to review an early sample of the print RDA Instructions.”

If you didn’t sign up in advance, there is still plenty of time to go to and sign up at the link.

Institutional users, remember that each individual user within the institution should set up a personal profile. You’ll see a prompt at the upper right (I believe — I haven’t had time to log in today) after the initial login.

It’s still the Joint Steering Committee, JSC for short. But now, instead of the Joint Steering Committee for Revision of AACR, it’s The Joint Steering Committee for Development of RDA. This site does still include information on AACR2, including history and links to the AACR2 Web site. But much of the material found and linked here deals with RDA, including news and announcements; the strategic plan; scope and structure, prospectus, and the full draft; and FAQs.