Library of Congress Classification

The Library of Congress’ Cataloger’s Learning Workshop has free training materials. Topics include LC subject headings, RDA and Bibframe.

Searching the Library of Congress catalog may be useful to see how they are using a subject heading. Searching your own catalog or other library/consortium’s can also be helpful.



Ever find yourself with a perfectly good classification number in Library of Congress but your library uses Dewey?  Or vice versa?

If you don’t have access to Mona L. Scott’s three volume Conversion Tables, then QuestionPoint might be able to help you.  QuestionPoint does use the National Library of Medicine (NLM) Classification number for medical topics.

LCC to Dewey
– Mapping to LCC Schedules D, J and K are in process. Instead of Schedule R, NLM’s QS-QZ and W schedules are used.

Dewey to LCC
-Since QuestionPoint uses NLM for Schedule R, most NLM classes map to 362.1-362.3, and 610-618.97

More information on NLM classification, including the schedules.