Hello everyone!

It’s been awhile since we have posted anything new, but that may change. Richard and I (Joy) will be part of a LACONI Technical Services program on November 10, 2017 at the Tinley Park Public Library in Tinley Park, Illinois, where we will be discussing resources for catalogers. All are welcome to attend.

Registration information is here and on the LACONI website.


Richard, Jennifer and I (Joy) were presenters at the 2013 Illinois Library Association Annual conference back in October. Our session was the oh so ever popular topic of RDA.

We described the session as: Want to know what has changed in the MARC record with the implementation of RDA? An overview highlighting the differences, from the simple to the complex. We will look at cataloging examples in a variety of formats.


The PowerPoint presentation is here and the PDF with speaker notes is here.

With apologies for the long delay (for those who attended), here is the text of my presentation on RDA at the On the Front Lines conference in April in Springfield, Illinois.

RDA on the Front Lines

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Richard and I were pleased to present a variation of our 2010 ILA program “RDA, the next phase” at the Reaching Forward conference last week. We had a good audience that even asked questions. 🙂 As requested we are posting the presentation and RDA Resources.