February 2010

Lambiek.net is a good resource for discovering if an artist is considered a comics or comic book artist. Lambiek’s Comiclopedia is an illustrated compendium of comic artists from around the world. You can search for your favorite artists, books, strips or comic characters.

Anime News Network  focuses on Anime and Manga. The encyclopedia is good for finding out how many volumes are in a particualr series,  a plot summary and other production information.


Want to know more about John Barrowman? Need to know the credits for De-Lovely? Don’t know what Torchwood is?  Then you will appreciate this site

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) tries to “catalog every pertitent detail about a movie, from who was in it, to who made it, to trivia about it, to filming locations, and even where you can find reviews and fan sites on the web”. It’s a good resource to flesh out the bibliographic record. The database also includes some basic information about televison shows.

Don’t know who Toad the Wet Sprocket is? or what kind of music they are known for? AllMusic is a wonderful site for finding out what genre of music a group or individual is known for. The site also has a brief history of the person/group and reviews of their albums. You can also listen to a sample of songs if you need to determine whether or not the artist meets your pop criteria or just to say you have heard the artist.