March 2010

There are several blogs out there that provide good summaries of what is going on Cataloging Land:

Blog About Technical Services


Cataloging Futures


As the tagline of the blog states “Everything you always wanted to know about the Dewey Decimal Classification® system but were afraid to ask…” is exactly what 025.431 : The Dewey blog aims to do. Articles touch on current topics of interest and how to build/select the correct Dewey number.

An overview what updates are available is here. New and changed entries are available as PDF or Word documents here and you can subscribe via RSS to various Dewey updates here.

Lynne over at Cataloging Aids has created a nice summary of the correct order of subfields for the 245 Marc tag.

I don’t quite remember why I had to re-classify our art books…but in doing so I found Art Cyclopedia to be helpful in determining what country the artist was associated with and their main medium. The information is very concise, fairly comprehensive and when authorized includes samples of the artist’s work.