Joy Anhalt, Marjorie Bloss (of Dominican University’s Graduate School of Library and Information Science), Nancy Johnson (of the Joliet Public Library, moderating), and I presented a program on RDA at the Illinois Library Association 2010 Annual Conference in Chicago last Wednesday.

Our presentations, and documentation of some of the resources we consulted, are attached below.

RDA, the Next Phase (.ppt): Joy summarizes the development of RDA from FRBR and FRAD, introduces some key terms and concepts, and takes us through a timeline of what has been done and what is planned:

RDA, the Next Phase

Cataloging with RDA (.ppt): I expand on some of the terminology, explore the structure of RDA a little, and examine some selected examples of cataloging under AACR2 compared with RDA:

Cataloging with RDA

Getting Around in the RDA Toolkit (.ppt): Marjorie takes us on a tour of the Toolkit, looking at its layout and demonstrating key features (Marjorie’s demonstration was live online, but these screen captures illustrate her points):

Getting Around in the RDA Toolkit

Resources (.doc): A list of mostly online resources on various aspects of FRBR, RDA, and related metadata issues:


RDA Resources